Born to move.

A global mobility partner.

Born to move.

A global mobility partner.

Amaneos is a new global mobility partner powering OEM progress.

We provide our automotive partners with tailored, agile and innovative solutions at scale across our specialist businesses. With our global flexibility and rapidly evolving technologies, Amaneos is geared to take you wherever you want to go.

What we do

Our leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers combine decades of experience to provide innovative solutions across the three segments of exterior and interior systems, rubber and sealing solutions and high-performance plastic parts.

Exterior & interior systems

With optimal design, safety, and sustainable solutions, our components add high-quality features to countless vehicle models.

Rubber & sealings solutions

Our solutions can equip the entire vehicle with dynamic sealings – from the doors, to the trunk, to the sunroof.

High-performance plastic parts

Our innovative products make the mobility solutions of tomorrow possible today.

What we offer – Engineering

Our global network of transformative research and development centers empowers us to deliver expertise across multiple industry segments.

We evolve technologies in sync with our customers’ needs, adapting products regionally and accelerating our customers from concept to production.




R&D Capability Centers



Our Footprint

Flexibility and speed is in our DNA. Our strong global presence means we are united in creating value for our customers in all regions.

Our markets & sites

Europe, North Africa, Americas and Asia.

Our commitment

At Amaneos, we take our responsibility seriously. As a global player in the automotive industry, we’re actively shaping what a “responsible business” looks like. Existing rules and regulations are extremely important to us, and we remain committed to persistently improving our ecological and societal impact.

We act with integrity, and in compliance with national and international laws and standards. We assume corporate responsibility and pay attention to the impact of our business.

To comply with industrial standards, we place great emphasis on:

  • occupational wellbeing and health & safety
  • compliance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
  • compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Children
  • fair remuneration of the workforce

ESG at our portfolio companies

All our companies have individual challenges. But we have a joint responsibility as a group in the fields of environment, society, governance (ESG), and compliance.

At Amaneos, we make sure that we all adhere to the same guidelines and pursue the same goals in these areas. The foundation for this is our Code of Conduct, which acts as a guide. These rules ensure that all employees behave legally correct, ethically, and socially responsible.

Finde more information on the commitments of our companies:

LMS innovates and builds sustainable materials. They’re committed to be carbon neutral by 2039. LMS assumes social responsibility and acts in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility Standards, a claim that also applies to their business partners.

SFC develops new technologies in close cooperation with OEMs. They have a special focus on weight and size reduction to meet the growing need for BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) and HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles).

MoldTecs combines ecological and economical actions by consciously using existing resources and avoiding emissions as much as possible. Their R&D engineers work hand-in-hand with customers to create future mobility solutions. MoldTecs continually integrates functionality into products to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

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